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was a letter from acting irs commissioner steven miller reading quote, revenue agents used sound reasoning based on tax law and training and their experience to review applications and identify the additional information needed to make a proper determination of an organization's exempt status. utah senator orrin hatch joins us now, the ranking republican on the senate finance committee. senator, do you feel that you were lied to? >> well, let's put it this way, this is either a case of gross incompetent or it was deliberate -- deliberate lying by the people down there at the irs. you know, this is a very concerning thing to all of us because the irs is the premiere organization in our country, which is supposed to be above politics, and if it doesn't get above politics and starts using its great unlimited power to come down on the side of one side or the other and to play politics freedom is going to be gone in this country and liberty will be gone. that's what is involved here. jenna: a lot of our viewers, including our team, this is a big story that really bloomed over the weekend, a big
that the acting irs commissioner was asked to step down. steven miller's resignation comes after it was revealed that the irs improperly targeted convervative groups, including the tea party.who wanted tax exempt status. >> i've reviewed the and treasury departments misconduct uncovered it is inexcusable. it is inexcusable, and americans have a right to be angry about it and i am angry about it! i will not tolerate this type of behavior in any including the irs. >> reporter: the president also says steps will be taken to make sure similar irs mis-steps don't happen again. also happening this afternoon.the white house releases 100 pages of emails and notes connected to the benghazi attack last september. the documents describe how the white house came up with "talking points" to describe what the administration wanted to discuss publicly right after the attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> reporter: the white house and state department have faced criticism for their response to the benghazi attack.saying the administration with-held key information for po
the resignation of the acting irs commissioner steven miller who was aware in 2012 of the agency's efforts to single out specific groups. the president says he's angry about the behavior by irs agents and the misconduct is inexcusable. he says new safeguards need to be put in place and laws enforced in a fair and impartial way. >> i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the irs. given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. >>> and there are now multiple congressional hearings scheduled next week on the irs scandal with the first steps tomorrow. the house oversight committee has asked the irs to make five mid level employees available for transcribed interviews. >>> a reminder of what os agenda in the u.s. today, weekly jobless claims are out at 8:30 eastern. i'm thinking of you, kelly. at 8:30, we get the april cpi expected to raise by 0.1 mers when you exclude food and energy. april housing starts also out at 8:30. they're expected to rise 6%. at 10:00 a.m., we get the may philly fed survey, no less than five fed officials a
objecting conservative groups to additional scrutiny. only two with is our schedule today, steven miller, was ousted wednesday as acting irs commissioner and j. russell george, the treasury inspector general for tax administration. >> a possible breakthrough on immigration. a bipartisan group of house members said they have a deal on sweeping legislation. the bill as been drafted right now. meanwhile, at an immigration bill is moving forward in the senate, where the judiciary committee held its third week session today to plow through some 300 amendments. >> and army sergeant will spend the rest of his life in prison without parole for killing five all service members of the combat stress clinic and iraq . sergeant john russell was sentenced yesterday. he will be tratransferred to fort leavenworth in kansas. the 14 year veteran previously pleaded guilty to unpremeditated murder to try and get the death penalty off the table. prosecutors were able to prove it the killings were premeditated. the 2009 shooting was one of the worst case of sho soldier on soldier by a to the i rack war. defen
be getting. >> steven miller is the outgoing acting commissioner of the i.r.s. he was asked to leave a day after the inspector general's report was released. the president has named dan wilful of the office of management and budget as the flew acting commissioner, he'll serve until the end of the fiscal year. some republicans -rp not happy with that pick. john cornyn r-r says he is a white house insider that will do nothing to restore cough dense in the i.r.s. arthel: thank you very much, wendell goler. jon: for more on the scandals engulf financing the white house and the political fallout let's talk to monica crowley, thee is a fox news contributor and author of "what the bleep just happened." just trust us, that seems to be the word from the outgoing head of the i.r.s. mr. miller. >> now there is mounting evidence as we saw in this morning's hearings that there is more here than meets the eye. this is not just republicans questioning. we have a number of democrats on the panel and elsewhere questioning what the i.r.s. was up to, why they did this. targeting conservative groups, christia
's sorry. he was being grilled today by a congressional committee.looking into the i-r-s scandal. steven miller agrees that the i-r-s did a terrible job of customer service. he's talking about accusations that the agency specifically targeted some conservative political groups - like the tea party. i-r-s agents were handling requests for tax-exempt status. and some groups complain that they were facing too many questions and restrictions. miller says he believes some of the handling of those requests may have been 'stupid' but he doesn't agree it was politically motivated. >> i do not believe that partisanship motivated the people in the practices described in the treasury inspector general's report. i've reviewed the treasury inspector general's report and i believe it's conclusions are consistent with that. i believe what happened here, was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. miller says there was a flood of applications for tax exempt status. it's also bpointed out this week that some democratic-leaning groups got the exac
commissioner steven miller found out about the targeting of conservative groups last may. the white house has few answers defering instead to a inspector general report due out this week. >> if it is true that there were, there was a knowing effort to target specific organizations as reported, conservative organizations, that would be outrageous in the president's view and there should be consequences. >> still the irs admitted it friday and the acting commissioner of the irs acknowledged this morning in "usa today" that mistakes were made but they were in no way due to any political or partisan motivation. we are and will continue to be dedicated to reviewing all application for tax-exempt status in an impartial manner. republicans are calling for a sweeping investigation. >> i'm calling on the president to make available completely and without restriction everyone, everyone, who can answer the questions we have as to what's been going at the irs, who knewwabout it, and how high it went. >> democrats are also demanding investigations including the senate finance committee chairman, the house
that the testimony is still going on. peter: they are recovering ground. steven miller, the former acting head of the irs is still in the hot seat right now. we want to go back to his opening statement, cheryl and dennis and show you the apology that he made at the very beginning. >> i want to apologize for the mistakes that we made and the poor service that we provided. the american public and affected organizations deserve better. it cannot even appear to be a consideration into terminating the tax exemption of an organization. miller also said that he did not think that the irs employees did anything illegal. he also denied that he thought that there was any political motivation involved in these delays and in these reviews. the inspector general of the irs who uncovered all of this, agreed with all of that. take a listen. >> did you find any evidence of political motivations? >> we did not, sir. real simple there. that was from russell george. cheryl, back to you. cheryl: we are ready have the steve miller band jokes happening this hour. peter, thank you. dennis: let's check in with nicole
questions now after hearing testimony from the ousted i.r.s. chief. steven miller apologized for the agency misconduct. and insisted that agents who gave tougher treatment did not act out of political bias. government leaders were made aware back in june that investigators were looking into the complaint. tea party groups said that they were singled out, but he testified that politics did not motivate their actions either. >>> a charity set up to help the three women freed from a decade of captivity in cleveland, has reached a $1/2 million. the charity, the cleveland courage fund has reached $4,080,000. donations are coming in from 50 states and several foreign countries. it will go into four trust funds for the women. and castro, the man accused of kidnapping and raping them is under suicide watch in jail. >>> new york city artist is under fire this morning from the object of his photo exhibits. he took pictures of the people through their windows of their apartment, like creaming and cleaning and no faces are revealed. the artist is saying raising their curtains, his neighbors were perfor
an promotion. >> let me ask you this, steven miller, ousted head of the irs, will testify on capitol hill today. what would you ask him? >> well, i would ask him what he knew and when he knew it and i would also try to figure out -- and, in fact, he may have just been the fall guy. i would want to know where did this policy start, who talked about it at first, how did it grow with inside the organization and i would like to know who he spoke with in the administration? who else outside of the irs knew about this. the first story from the white house was, oh, you know what, this is just a field office in cincinnati. >> right. >> a bunch of low-level employees. we found out later that just wasn't true. >> joe, during the press conference yesterday, the president spoke out and supported eric holder, the attorney general. is holder's job safe in your opinion? >> it certainly is. i mean the president will stay with eric holder until the very end. remember, eric holder has been under attack from the time almost he got sworn in. there's been one republican dust up after another. republicans would call
by getting rid of mr. steven miller of the irs. we find out mr. miller was scheduled to resign anyway and leave the irs as the early part of june. again, the american people have not been told the truth. what did the white house know and when did he know it? we will open up to questions. >> any legislation planned to address this? >> right now we will have hearings. various chairs have indicated that. but there is legislation. ever presented from ohio was to put in criminal penalties for those who abuse -- because of the very sensitive nature, it is wrong for the irs to misuse personal tax data. we have very strict requirements that we could not act without the area of jurisdiction. we have very thick manuals for standard operating procedures. we had to check every box. it did not matter if you are an attorney or in a field or in collections or if you were writing the notices of deficiency. it did not matter. your work product was checked by your supervisor and you could not ask beyond your jurisdiction. reporter: [inaudible] >> what was asked was, do you have any reason to believe th
made by the tax agency but they ren't motivated by partisanship. steven miller has resigned and the president has already pointed the -- his replacement. his is three and a half hours. >> the meeting will come to order. on may 10 the director of internal revenue service division that oversees tax exempt group acknowledged that the agency was targeting political leaning organizations. four days later they confirmed hat "the i.r.s. used inappropriate crier the to identify political organizations applying for status." this began as far back as 2010. this goes against the principles of free speech and liberty upon in which this country was founded. the disregard that the agency has treated congress and the american taxpayer raises serious concerns about the leadership at the i.r.s. let's establish what we know. based on the report, we know for n 18-month period i.r.s. employees em employed key words to target applications for tax exempt status. these groups were subjected to further investigations. i.r.s. employees expanded their search to include groups about government spendin
and means committee gavels out after four hours hearing from the outgoing, acting irs commissioner steven miller and from russell george, who is the treasury inspect general for tax administration. it is their report the reason behind this hearing today. also additional hearings planned next week in both the house and senate. we're opening up phone lines here on c-span2 to get your reaction to what you heard today. here's paul ryan, the budget committee chairman and a member of ways and means. he spoke earlier today and asked the witnesses questions. here's how to participate. phone lines are open for democrats it is 202-585-3885. for republicans 202-585-3886. all others, 202-585-3776. make sure you mute your television or radio when you call in. want to remind you as well, if you missed the hearing today, it will be on our website at we'll show all of you to you later on c-span beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. let's take a look, also remind you to check facebook as well. i did want to point out the treasury inspector general report before we get to that first call. we have lin
for the tax administration from 2002 and the current acting commissioner for the irs, steven miller. you will each have five minutes to resent your testimony with-- to present your testimony with your full written testimony submitted for the record. mr. george, you're recognized for five minutes. >> chairman camp and levin. as you are aware, the organization i am a part of the, the inspector general, protects the integrity of the federal tax system. this was initiated based on concerns expressed by members of congress because of taxpayer allegation that they were subject to unfair treatment by the irs. the report issued early this week issues 3 allegations. first, the irs targeted spas the ic targeted specifi groups applying for status. second, they delayed these groups applications, and third the irs request of the necessary and permission from groups they subjected to special scrutiny. all three allegations were substantiated. the irs used inappropriate criteria to target for review to party and other organizations based on their name and policy. this started in 2010 and continued to i
steven miller was informed of the targeting last year, but never told congress. >> how about answering our questions? >> on capitol hill today, he refused to answer reporters' questions about why. now, wolf, miller is going to be one of the witnesses on friday, when the house is holding a hearing. they're going to have a lot of information to go through from this inspector general report. one of the questions that susan collins raised in that piece is, is what everybody is asking, whether this was politically motivated. part of the answer is in this report, the inspector general said agents did not consider the public perception of using politically sensitive criteria when identifying these cases. but then the inspector general also says it could not specifically determine who had been involved in creating the criteria. but it does say it wasn't the higher ups, it was kind of first line officials. one other question that you asked before, which is a very important question, whether or not anybody outside of the irs was involved in creating these criteria. was it political, did it come
they knew about it. and there is a current irs commissioner serving right now steven miller who is going to testify later this week. i'm told he was informed about this targeting in may of 2012 which is a full year ago. republicans in the senate and the house who are investigating this they tell us he neglected to inform them what he knew and that he had information about this. he had various opportunities to do so, they say, and he simply did not. >> dana bash, thanks so much. in a few minutes i will be talking to michigan congressman sander levin of the house and means committee which will hold a hearing on the irs actions this friday. the outrage over the controversy is bringing both sides of the political aisle together. you've heard the response from some congressional republicans but the left is also weighing in. the aclu among them. the chief of staff for the group's washington legislative office saying, quote, even the appearance of playing partisan politics with the tax code is about as constitutionally troubling as it gets. join me is ben whisner. thank you for being with us. >
a year after the current acting i.r.s. commissioner, steven miller, is reported to have become aware of the targeting. but it doesn't stop with mr. miller. as "the washington post" noted, lois lerner, head of the i.r.s.'s tax-exempt organization office, knew about the targeting in 2011. she seemed to say friday that she learned about it from news reports last year. these were not the malicious actions of a rogue agent or simply another skpapl -- example of government incompetence. instead, this was a clear, methodical abuse of government power. to discriminate against whole groups of americans simply because of their political beliefs. despite their awareness of abuse, officials from the i.r.s. failed time after time to disclose this targeting, and little effort was made to end the practice. even as recently as their admissions on friday, the i.r.s. continued to engage in coverups and half-truths. in fact, i.r.s. officials seem to go out of their way to deny wrongdoing. in testimony last year before the house of representatives, then-i.r.s. commissioner douglas shulman said there was
are not required to provide. as the scandal grows, the irs is now acknowledging that acting commissioner steven miller has known about the targeting of conservative groups for a full year. first learning about it last may. but the irs did not publicly acknowledge or apologize for it until just a few days ago. the saga has rocked the white house. in a news conference monday, the president said he was only made aware of the situation on friday. >> i can tell you that if you've got the irs operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous. it is contrary to our traditions, and people have to be held accountable. >> reporter: that's not good enough for some conservativecon, who point to past references the president has made to tea party groups. >> i've been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies. about taxes. taxes. you would think they would be saying thank you. >> the obama regime is using government to investigate people. >> reporter: and now some of those who say they were unfairly targeted are speaking out
, steven miller, learned about this in may of 2012 and in responding to members of the house, members of the senate, and a committee in the house, re-- failed to answer the question with information he had. if that's true, if he was aware of the conservative groups were being targeted and was asked about that and gave incorrect information, he should step aside or be removed and this is something that we shouldn't tolerate. the administration shouldn't tolerate it and the american people wouldn't want us to tolerate it. >> last wednesday in the appropriations subcommittee that has the responsibility for the the -- [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> you can see all of this in our overnight schedule on c-span or at the shouse coming back in now for votes. 1580 and senate concurrent resolution 10. the first electronic vote will be conducted as a 15-minute vote and remaining votes will be five minutes. 9 vote on the motion, mr. goodlatte to suspend the rules h.r. 180 on which the yeas and nays are
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over the past two years. in a meeting in capitol hill, this acting commissioner, steven miller, described the employees as being -- here is another quote -- off the reservation, and not precisely clear what the rogue behavior was. we know from another source who is familiar with the acting commissioner's conversations up on capitol hill that those two staffers have been disciplined, and the second source said miller emphasized the problem was not just limited to these two employees, though they seemed to be very important people. it is that other employees may be involved, but they have pinpointed these two employees. we do know that miller met with the senate finance chairman, that's max baucus, and max baucus is trying to get the commissioner into a hearing. we have reached out to the irs, ashleigh, we haven't got any comment back yet. we will as soon as we do pass it along to you. right now, a lot of attention being focused on what exactly this means. is it just these two guys involved in a cincinnati office, or as the republicans think, there may be many, many more people i
commissioner steven miller will appear at a bipartisan house ways and means committee here on capitol hill. after his departure announcement some key republicans offered this reaction. >> this stinks to high heaven. it is not over today. the white house tried to make this end today by this big show an tell about the irs commissioner leaving. all this was damage control 101. >> they're reacting in a pretty appropriate way on the irs side. he is not defending what happened. he is saying we'll get to the bottom of it. good job, mr. president. >> reporter: as for the future of the irs don't expect there to be permanent leadership anytime soon. senate republicans will want to get their answers before they will be in a mood to confirm anybody, bill. bill: on the other side, what are democrats say today, mike? >> reporter: sand did i levin the top ranking democrat on the committee was quite critical of irs management. after the announcement he offered this statement, quote, the president took a vital first step in achieving accountability. the inspector general's recommendations must be fully imp
the former commissioner. steven miller who was forced to resign on wednesday is scheduled to appear at a congressional hearing this morning. his testimony comes as president obama confronts several scandals. abc's jonathan karl reports. >> reporter: the president got a little extra protection from the elements courtesy of the marines. he could use more than an umbrella. >> my concern is making sure there is a problem in the government that we fix it. >> reporter: the problem? too many problems. most immediate. the irs targeting of conservative groups. in the years before the election more liberal groups were being approved while conservative groups like patriot, constitution and tea party were stymied. in 2011, not a single tea party group was approved. >> i am angry about it. >> reporter: plenty for the president to be angry about. an uncooperative his own justice department seizing phone records of journalists. the tea party, beaten down by last year is reenergized. is a big showing at the capital. >> the american people have not been told the truth. >> reporter: the president is
's agenda. bill: the president has shown the acting chief, steven miller, out the door. he is here today. we will hear from him. he was retiring in a few weeks
standpoint calling for the resignation of the irs commissioner steven miller. and a lot written today about the natural tempo of second terms and why we seem to always run into investigations in the latter half of a presidency. is there anything more to it than that, john? >> well, both of the things that we're talking about, the ben xwaz ghazi attack and the aftermath is in the second term. it's not about what happens in the second term but the second term gives more time for things to come out, gives more time for a t president's political adversaries to investigate and talk about them and so, you know, part of it is simply the scars that you accumulate by virtue of being president for a long period of time. >> what is the feeling, john, among those who watch the white house closely about the legs that the irs -- specifically the irs story has and what could he say today to potentially ameliorate that? >> the irs story will have legs if anybody can establish that people in the white house knew about or condoned that activity. from what we know on the record so far, it was something within
by these allegations and wants to hear the government's explanation. >>> acting irs steven miller is facing tough questions over his agency's targeting of tea party groups for extra scrutiny. at a news conference on monday, president obama said he was outraged by the allegations and will not tolerate targeting. however, he called claims of a cover-up of the benghazi attack a sideshow. >>> and we are seeing video inside the cleveland house where ariel castro allegedly held three women captive for a decade. this video obtained by nbc news shows castro playing base while the women were a few steps away. meanwhile, police records show he had been arrested for complaints of assault and menacing but never charged. >>> a three man crew is safely back on earth after five months. mashburn and hadfield and roman romanen romanenko. hadfield's cover we showed you has more than 5 million hits on youtube. >> he won't stop singing. >> not. just before leaving the space station, hadfield did release another video thanking his fans for following his out of this world journey and said he can't wait to get back to
mentioned an hour earlier is free in hotels, this guy steven miller goes, oh, yeah. we did make mistakes, but the mistakes were made. but in no way any political or partisan motivation. they just happen to only target one side. maybe they should have picked other sides. here is the worst part action is the damage have been done because you apply for 501 c 3 status, and the 90 days which took place prior, it took years and you had to apply 88 questions and you had to answer questions like who are your donor, which you don't have to supply. >> gretchen: that information, that private information of the application was given to left leaning groups, which is a criminal activity. >> brian: why would do you that? >> gretchen: if you're a low level employee, or you're just a middle class employee making 30 to $50,000 a year, would you put your career on the line to target tea party groups? >> steve: if your boss tells you that's your job, the question is, who cooked up the idea? and to suggest that senate democrats were saying, okay, irs, you got to crack down on the tea party outfits, it sound
more about the resignation yesterday of i.r.s. acting commissioner steven miller in response to the news that i.r.s. officials targeted certain conservative groups. we'll have live coverage of the news conference from the white house on c-span3. yerl this morning michelle bachmann, who chairs the tea party caucus in the house, and other republican members and representatives of tea party groups across the country held a news conference on capitol hill to discuss the i.r.s. targeting. ere it is. >> thank you, everyone, for being here. my name is michelle bachmann, i'm a member of congress from minnesota's sixth congressional district. i'm also the chairman of the tea party caucus in the house of representatives and a former federal tax litigation attorney for the i.r.s., as well as the author of the bill to repeal obamacare. this is a momentous day. one week ago today we held a hearing in the house of representatives on benghazi. questions were asked one week ago today. where decisions made about rescuing americans in benghazi based upon political consideration. one week ago t
, steven miller, to resign. if it -- if it is true what currently appears to be true, that mr. miller willfully misled congress when inquiries were made earlier about this sort of scandalous political activity, he should resign today. furthermore, i'm encouraged actually by chairman max baucus of the senate finance committee and senator orrin hatch, who said that they believe it's important for the finance committee, as the appropriate standing committee of the senate with jurisdiction over the internal revenue service, to conduct an investigation. and i hope that the first witness they will call is the treasury secretary, jack lew, who's the boss of the i.r.s. or overseer of the i.r.s. mr. miller's direct reporting boss. i -- i look forward to a thorough bipartisan investigation that will deliver justice to these government officials who betrayed the american people in such a shameful and egregious manner. mr. president, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from vermont. mr. sanders: mr. president, i would like to call up amendment number 889. the presiding officer:
responsible may have gotten a promotion. >> let me ask you this. steven miller, the ousted head of the irs will testify on capitol hill today. what would you ask him? >> i would ask what he knew and when he knew it and try to figure out -- in fact he may have been the fall guy. i would want to know where did this policy start? who talked about it first? how did it grow inside the organization? and i'd like to know who he spoke with in the administration? who else outside of the irs knew about this? the first story from the white house was this is just a field office in cincinnati, a bunch of low-level employees. we found out later, that ub just wasn't true. >> during the press conference, the president supported eric holder the attorney general. is holder's job safe in your opinion? >> it certainly is. the president will stay with eric holder until the end. eric holder has been under attack from the time almost he got sworn in. there's been one republican dust up after another. they demanded his resignation time and time again. you saw him push back on capitol hill, to the chairman of the
.s. ambassador chris stevens. president obama trying to move forward with a speech on thursday laying out his counter-terrorism policies. but is it fetus able with so many questions hovering over benghazi. judy miller joins us straight ahead. >> gregg: well, somebody is a big rich winner. down right filthy rich. one person winning the $590 million powerball lottery. it was sold in the state of florida. arthel nevil joins us live in new york, my condolences. >> arthel: you know i didn't buy a ticket. the odds of winning, gregg, was put at 1 in 175 million. if disney world is most magical place on earth, then zephyr hills florida has most lucky place on earth. >> this is powerball. tonight we have the biggest jackpot in powerball history, an estimated $595 million. let's play powerball. 22, after that we got the number 10-we are going to meet mike conrad, matched all five white numbers. next number up lucky 13 then 14 and than had we have the number 52. for tonight's winning number. match this number, tonight it is 11. >> arthel: there you heard all the winning numbers right there. and saturday
to announce thakting irs commissioner steven miller has resigned, treasury secretary jack lew is now tasked with immediately implementing the inspector general's suggestion that no such scrutiny happens again. and intends to work with congress moving forward. >> i deal everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happen
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